With Gratitude

Dear NOBO friends,


Thank you.  It truly means so much to us to be surrounded by your love and support.


“What we once have enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes a part of us”.   Helen Keller


With Gratitude,

Kirsten, Justin and Mira


2 Replies to “With Gratitude”

  1. Dear Kirsten,

    I was so happy to see you at our meeting last night. I can imagine it was somewhat difficult. You have always been a special part of our group, and as the weeks passed, we missed you. Thank you for coming to the meeting and for your kind words. As Kathleen said regarding Kathy James, life changes in an instant. Our hearts remain with you and Justin.

  2. We love you <3

    Life does change in an instant but the support from friends and family lifts us up when we need it most. You’re an important member of our NOBO family and I’m glad we’re able to give you some solace.

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