Apprentice Level

NOBO Handweavers Enrichment Program

Links to this document and the project details form as downloadable PDF files:



Focus: Weave structures, general skill development

Weavers must demonstrate, in sample form, sixteen weave structures, six required and ten selected by the weaver from the optional list below.



Plain weave Overshot Rosepath Swedish Lace
2/2 twill Summer and Winter M and W Waffle Weave
3/1 twill Huck Ms and Os Basket Weave
Point twill Bronson Lace Crackle Satin Weave
Broken twill Warp-faced Honeycomb Shadow Weave
Fancy twill Weft-faced Leno Danish Medallion Canvas Brooks Bouquet


Sample details

To be woven using 3/2 cotton, Harrisville Shetland or Highland, or similar

Warp and weft should be woven of the same material

Each sample should be woven to best highlight the weave structure. Use of more than one color is permissible if this will enhance the sample.

Finished measurements must be at least 4” x 4” and no more than 8” x 8”, excluding fringe

All edges must be finished. Machine stitching is permissible.

Each piece must be wet finished and pressed

Each piece may fulfil no more than one requirement

You will be evaluated on the quality of your workmanship:

Accuracy of threading and treadling

Even beat

Even edges

Proper finishing

Final Project:

A final project, to be approved by the review board, is required and should demonstrate at least one weave structure from both the required and optional weave structures lists. The final project should also be carefully designed as a challenge to the weaver and should be original work. Quality of workmanship will again be important, as will originality and functionality.


Each woven item must be accompanied by a completed Project Details Form.

A draft and drawdown must accompany each woven piece. Two of these must be hand drawn, one from the required list and one from the optional list. Do not worry if you haven’t created a drawdown. We can show you how.

All samples and documentation should be presented in a three ring binder with plastic sleeves for each sample.

A presentation of your work to the guild is required.

We encourage you to meet with review board at various checkpoints to assess your progress.

The review board will consist of the current Ladies/Gents of the Warp and Weft and an additional weaver who is not a member of NOBO.

Review of submissions will take place once annually.

A fee of $25, made payable to NOBO Handweavers, is required when you submit your body of work.

If an entry is not accepted by the review board, it may be re-woven and re-submitted with those pieces which passed.

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