Roles of Officers

This is a list of the officers and their responsibilities. The list below includes the count of officers in each position

Lady/Sir NOBO (1) Head of guild

Lady/Sir Heddle (2) Second in command

Ladies/Sirs of the Draft (3) Program Planners, deciding upon a program for each meeting.

Scribe (2) Secretarial duties, such as minute taking and posting on site

Shepherdess/Shepherd (2) Introducing and keeping track of new members

Town Crier (1) Posting/Emailing relevant guild info, such as meeting reminders

Keeper of the Written Word (2) – Librarian

Lady/Sir Calendar (1) – Posting guild/fiber events on NOBO’s site calendar

Victular (2) – Food coordinator and Serf Organiser.

Organizing Chancellor (2) – Responsible for overseeing/directing NOBO Handweavers’ involvement with events, Fiber Revival for example

Illuminators (2) – Creating and updating a photographic record for the guild

Ladies of the Warp and Weft (5) – Path of Enlightenment, establish a series of tests and categories (example apprentice to master weaver)

NEWS Reps(2)