Guidelines for use of library books, periodicals and/or other material are as follows:

1. Only two (2) items may be borrowed at a time.

2. Items may be kept for one month only; i.e. from one monthly meeting to the next. The Borrower is responsible for returning all items in a timely manner.

3. It is expected that borrowed items will be properly cared for and returned in the same condition in which they were received.

4. No additional items may be borrowed until all outstanding items have been returned.

5. The fine for overdue items is $1.00 per item per month, these fees will be added to the guild  treasury mbr 09/2012

6. When items are overdue by three months, or if they are returned damaged, a bill will be sent to the Borrower for the replacement cost of the item(s), plus any overdue fines. In the case of out-of-print materials, the Borrower will also be billed for the cost of a search for the replacement. The Borrower’s library privileges will be suspended until this matter is concluded to the satisfaction of the Librarian.

7. Library materials can be requested by contacting the Librarian via e-mail least one (1) week prior to the regularly scheduled meeting date, which is traditionally the fourth Thursday of each month.

8. At the discretion of the Librarian, certain items may be deemed too rare, fragile, or valuable to be circulated. Those items will be made available to members of NOBO for study at a time which is mutually convenient for the interested party and the Librarian.

Terry Anderson
NOBO Handweavers Librarian

Acknowledgement: Joan Biasucci was the first Keeper of the Written Word and drafted these guidelines