Not Enough Treadles?

Have you are ever at a quandary because you are looking at a draft that requires 12 treadles and your loom only has 10?

There are drafts for patterns in ‘A Weaver’s Book of 8-Shaft Patterns’ which use more than 10 treadles (the standard number of treadles on most 8-shaft looms). They tell you to use a skeleton tie-up, and then proceed to tell you to go to the introduction to ‘see how to do this’.

Well, there is an easier way! It’s called: Tim’s Rudimentary Treadle Reducer. Here’s a link:

You can fill in how many harness your planned weaving project is using, how many treadles you have, and how many the pattern needs. Click the button and fill in a grid with the pattern tie-up.
The calculator will then show you a new tie up corresponding to the number of treadles you have and will give you equivalencies – that is, if the pattern uses treadle 1, the new tie up might use treadles 4 and 6 simultaneously.

Easy peasy! Thank you Tim!

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