Vintage Periodicals

NOTE: Due to the age and condition of the following, they will be made available for viewing by appointment only.

The Handicrafter Magazine

1928 Volume 1 Number 1, October Handicrafts as Treatments

Modernistic Tendencies

Fireside Industries
The Weaver Magazine

1935 Volume 1 Number 1 Sixth Annual Weaving Institute At Penland

The Creation of Smart Fabrics

Knotted Pile Rugs

1936 Volume 1 Number 2, March Unusual Knitting Bags

Handwoven Material for Clothing

Scotch Tweeds

1938 Volume III Number 4, October Index

In-Laid Tapestry

Weaving From Czechoslovakia

1939 Volume IV Number 1, January Weavers Guild of Boston

Penland’s Tenth Weaving Institute

Know Thy Threads

Number 3, July A Simple Method For Keeping Samples

Danish Stitch

Greek Weaving

Number 4, Oct-Nov. A Weaver’s Trip to Peru

Gauze Weaving Without Harness

Give Life To Your Exhibit

1940 Volume V Number 1, Jan-Feb. Weaving on the Typewriter

Contemporary Textiles

National Conference, Handweavers

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