Benjamin insisted that the bag was meant to carry him, and got a little bit grumpy when I had to explain that it was meant to carry his numerous personal effects. He does fit pretty well, though. He loves looking at all of the various samples, and can’t wait to meet all of you. We’ll be there with bells on this evening!

Benjamin in his NOBO bag

4 Replies to “Baby NOBO”

  1. Dear Master Benjamin:

    It was a pleasure making your acquaintance last evening. I noted with a bit of amusement that your mother has already started to introduce you to our world of fibers -as she was seen very gently rubbing your chubby cheek with a cone of yarn. You are truly a very fortunate little boy.

  2. What a wonderful meeting last night! Always such an enjoyable and inspirational time to be among our guild members.

    Baby NOBO is a special little (well, not so little) guy. He really did seem to enjoy his NOBO Aunties and all of our fiber talk. Isn’t it something that we have already started to pass on our love of fibers to a new generation. Benjamin seems quite content to accommodate us in doing so (I know his Mom has already had quite a hand in introducing him to our textural world). What fun to be able to watch him grow.

    Melissa and Kevin, all you do for and with Benjamin shows! He glows of happiness and healthiness!

  3. Benjamin was a sweetheart.
    It’s quite clear you got a keeper there Melissa 🙂
    He’s a lucky little boy and you and Kevin are lucky parents.

    Yes, his NOBO Aunties will enjoy watching him grow!

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