October’s meeting

~ October  28th 2010 meeting~ SUSTAINABILITY NIGHT ~ 7pm – 9pm

Just a reminder about the weave-along  due at the October meeting.  The idea is to weave a lap napkin/placemat/utensil-holder. This will allow us to be able to bring our own utensils & napkins to potlucks, parties, & guild meetings, thereby saving money and keeping more items out of landfills.

To see Melissa’s version check out this link:


Her fabric  piece was 8.5″ x 17.5″.  She then folded the fabric over to make a pocket to hold utensils & added a tie to hold it all closed once it is rolled up.  Perhaps you could recycle old clothes or use something from your stash to weave this up.  I’m excited to see what different solutions people come up with!

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