Here ye, here ye!

Hear ye, hear ye, the following court positions for NOBO Handweavers Guild 2012/2013 have been filled –

Ladies NOBO (Co-presidency)

Exchequer (treasurer)

Scribes (minute-takers)

In-house Royal Scribe (webmaster)

Keepers of the Written Word (librarians/archivists)

Shepherdesses/Shepherds (membership) – 1 out of 2 positions

Victular/Serf Society (snack/clean-up)

Lady Calendar (posting events on website/calendar)

Illuminator (photographer)

Organizing Chancellors (events coordinator) – 1 out of 2 positions

Ladies of the Warp & Weft

NEWS reps


The following court positions remain open and NEED to be filled –

Ladies/Lords of the Draft   (3 positions, all 3 open – program planning)

Town Crier   (1 open position – announcements including monthly guild meetings posted on website and through email blasts)

Shepherdess/Shepherd   (2 positions, 1 filled, 1 open – membership)

Organizing Chancellor   (2 positions, 1 filled, 1 open – events coordinator)


Please come forth and fill a position for our new guild year that will begin April 2012 and continue through March 2013.  We need six members to step up.  All positions are extremely important for our guild to run.  As you can see right now, there are no Program Planners, and that means no programs if these positions do not get filled.  It is not necessary to be a seasoned weaver to hold any of these positions.  We have grown NOBO Handweavers into quite a guild and certainly have inspired one another as weavers and friends each and every meeting.

If you have any questions about a position, don’t hesitate to contact me. You could also contact the current member in that position as well (all positions/members/contact info listed in the “Court” section of the website).  Thank you!


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