Shibori Workshop

The Weaver’s Guild of Boston (WGB) still has spaces available in their March Shibori workshop. It’s taught by Catherine Ellis, and runs 3/15/12-3/17/12. Registration closes on 1/31/12. It will be held in Lawrence, at the Essex Arts Center. Cost is $255 for non-members.

I can’t figure out how to attach the workshop description. So please either email me for it, or go to to learn more. Look under
“education” and “3-day workshop”.

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  1. I have already signed up for this! I tried woven shibori last spring~ it was fun and the result was beautiful (one of those things that I can’t stop staring at). I can’t wait for the workshop. I hope someone else from NOBO takes the class with me. The good thing is that the class will be in Lawrence which is so much closer for us than where WGB meets.

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