More on Sue’s garage sale – TODAY!

Sue Jones is having a garage sale today, 9-2. She
is at 15 Block Drive, Brentwood, NH.

She is selling some of her stash, and a spool rack her Dad built!

She adds:

Mostly wool yarns, some cones some small balls and a whole box of fine yarns that I have not even had time to explore. Ray and I just hauled a funky little set of drawers. 6 drawers side by side with a makeshift formica like top that works well in a studio. also a rain barrel a few tools, misc housewares, a very old oak desk, a tv cabinet etc. I also have a computer desk that is too heavy to lug in one piece, still holding up this computer.

Her number is 603-642-6620.

I had a great time at Thursday’s meeting. What a fun group you guys are!

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