In commenting on my nettle post, Ted made the analogy of nettles being a UK weed in the same vein as US kudzu. Then, as is my nature, I started to wonder if kudzu can be made into fiber.

It can!

Check this out:


Be sure to click along the top of the photo to see all the steps.

I’ve also discovered that dogbane is a fiber plant (aka Indian Hemp) and can be harvested in the winter:


The Roots School, who produced this video, is offering a two day workshop this December that’s very tempting:



Finally, this website with a post about milkweed stalks:


Thanks to our Fibershed project, I feel like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole!
And here I was feeling bad that we don’t have cotton growing in our area…

5 Replies to “Kudzu”

  1. These are really interesting links, thanks, Kathie! They make my weaving with
    plants look a lot easier:-) These are even more of a labour of love.

    There’s lots of kudzu in the South. Guess I’m going to have to look for it.

  2. Hi Kathie,

    I wonder if Pepperweed from the marshes around here could be used? It is invasive and choking the life out of these areas.
    Very cool if it turned out to be a great local source for Fiber.

  3. Yes Patrica–please be our kudzu ambassador!
    I was actually sad to see that it hasn’t reached MA yet but I realize the problem it’s invasiveness presents. If the southern kudzu would be recognized for it’s textile potential, it would be under control in no time.

    Gail–after doing this research, everything looks like fiber to me!

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