Tartan Wool for Sale in NH

NHWG received a call from Carolyn Robb whose husband was a weaver of tartans.  He died and she has several hundred cones of wool.  She would like to sell them at a minimal price, one cone, 20 cones or what ever a weaver wants.  She lives in Laconia and her telephone number is 603 528 0850.  Please call her if you are interested.

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  1. Additional info just in:

    Several of the Loon Weavers went to look at the yarn this morning – beautiful wool- 2/20, 2/28, Maine Line 2/8 jaggerspun, etc, etc – good array of colors, much in original plastic wrap and in quantities- $1-$3 per cone. She also has fibers for spinning, LARGE looms and some accessories. Don’t miss out if you weave with wool.

    Note – this is an EXCEPTIONAL price for Jaggerspun! If you’ve been wanting
    to try some of their yarns, here’s the time.

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