Magic Happens…..on and off a loom!

Spaced and Crammed Scarf
Spaced and Crammed Scarf by Margaret B. Russell

The Magic Happens class offers a sleight of hand – the weaving of a scarf with differential shrinkage using alpaca/wool and bamboo. The method is known as Cram and Space. The result – a scarf with enchantingly framed felted squares throughout! The alpaca/wool is a fiber that will full in the wet finishing process. The bamboo will shrink minimally. The Magic Happens scarf is guaranteed to mesmerize you.

This is an advanced beginner’s level project/skills class offering new challenges in working with different fibers and setts in one warp. You must be comfortable with the overall weaving process. You may need to plan to do some weaving outside of class time, as scarves must be completely woven by the beginning of the fifth class. We will remove scarves from looms during this last class and then everyone will full their scarves at A Loom with a View. We will all be able to share in the mystery of the completed Magic Happens scarves!
Wednesdays, October 20, 27, November 3,10, 17
6:00 – 8:30 pm
10% student discount on materials purchased for a class.

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