Just For Socks Bag

Well, I finished my Handwoven “Not Just For Socks” entry.
Let’s just say it’s a good thing that the camera can make something look finished when it’s not quite there yet…
I’ve named it the Just For Socks Bag and I thought you might all be interested in seeing the final product. Especially since all I passed around at Show and Share were the pieces.

I was going to bring it to the March meeting but it’s on it’s way to Colorado! Yup, it’s a finalist.
I’ve been pinching myself a lot lately due to an extraordinarily good start to 2010.
Thanks Betsy for suggesting I go for it.
Now I need to make another sock project bag because I really need one !

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  1. I would like to place an order and get my name first on the list. I love this! It is such a mixture of all the goodness there is when it comes to fibers – the weaver, the seamstress, the knitter, the originator, the wool, the colors, the patterning ….. and I really like the addition of the leather. Congratulations and best of luck to a finalist!!

  2. Thanks!
    I do like thinking “outside of the box” but form needs to follow function for me.
    I get a chuckle thinking about cutting up my leather Salvation Army find to make this bag.
    I even used some of the leather to repair a rip in Ron’s jacket.

    My fibery world came full circle when I learned to weave!
    Now as far as orders go, it might be awhile 🙂

  3. Kathie! That is nothing short of fantastic! Well done in every detail. And, speaking of, what is the adornment at the top?
    Congratulations on being a finalist! SO exciting.

  4. On the top, there’s a leather wrist strap that fits snug with the help of magnetic snaps. The back side of the snaps are where the buttons are.

    That way, I can knit socks as the yarn feeds through the top of the bag and everything stays in place. Plus I can walk and knit, if that’s possible. I’ve never tried it.

    I’m very excited about the contest from this point on.
    It’s all new to me!

    I had a funny feeling that I might make the cut when my art studio was buzzing with ladybugs today. Aren’t they good luck?!

    I used your lucet to make the cord, Dave 🙂

  5. Fabulous, Kathie! It’s really pretty, and will be very useful when you get it back.

    Congratulations on making the first cut!



  6. Kathie – you’ve outdone yourself! Your imagination and creativity are truly inspiring! Congratulations on being a friendly funny fearless fab fiber finalist!! Best of luck!!

  7. Kathie – congratulations!!!

    Good for you – but, then, am not surprised, as everything that I’ve seen you do has been unique, well-put-together, etc., etc.

    Am very happy for you!!!!

  8. Kathie, Congratulations on a wonderful piece and for becoming a finalist. This bag is just beautiful and has so much to teach. I can’t wait to actually see it live. As usual, I love the details, especially the button. Here’s an interesting tidbit I learned yesterday. Did you know there’s a National Button Society? Well, they are having a show in Manchester, NH in April. I’m going to drive up there. Is anyone else up for it?

  9. Kathie the bag came out great! Congratulations on being a finalist, no surprise there. Love everything you do!


  10. Thanks everybody 🙂
    What a warm and supportive group we have!

    Eileen- I’m up for a field trip.
    I went to a button show once and it was a lot of fun.

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