Perfect tools

Okay, so there are no perfect tools but some come close.
I was wondering what your “must have” weaving tools are.
In particular, shuttles.

I have a pair of Howell Little Man boat shuttles that came with my Glimarka. I was considering selling them until I tried them. Those guys are staying put- they feel so good in my hands and the weight’s
ideal. I’m interested in knowing if anyone has Jenkin or Bluster Bay boat shuttles and what they think of them?
I’m really starting to like the snub nosed shuttles.

My abacus and child’s free standing chalkboard have become two of my must have tools!
I use them for treadle tracking. The sequence is written on the board in groups. Then the abacus keeps track of each group as I complete it.
If the phone rings, I just take the chalk and mark the last treadle I used on the chalkboard.

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  1. Great post, Kathie!
    I have a small Jenkins purple heart; but, for me, it’s TOO tiny. I have it wound with some black silk thread so I can use it for various things like beginning or ending a piece, that sort of thing. My favorites are the 12″ Schacht end feeds I got at Betsy’s a few months ago. I also have a 15″, but absolutely love the two 12″.
    For boat shuttles, I did a side by side comparison of the few in my collection from last year:

  2. Hi, Kathie, I have a Bluster Bay thin shuttle I bought from LWAV. It’s a cute little shuttle and weaves well, especially for those tight spots. But, alas, I don’t have a bobbin winder that can wind the cardboard quill:-(

    Have to try a drill next time I go to use it.

  3. Geez Dave, I have the 15″ EFS Schacht but now I want those 12″!
    I’ll bet they fit perfectly in your hand and have a good weight for throwing….

    Patricia, I still think Milt needs to make shuttles. With his woodworking talent they’d be the best ones out there!

  4. Kathie – I have a 12″ Schacht end feed shuttle you’re welcome to test out. Let me know, and I’ll bring it along to our next guild meeting. I’m a Schacht girl, when it comes to equipment, but I also can’t live without my ARS craft scissors, a blunt yarn needle and some dental floss.

  5. Okay Melissa, I love new tips. Dental floss?

    Just bought a new reed hook, actually 2 as I felt that made more sense shipping wise (really didn’t but I made myself believe it did) I LOVE wood, love the feel out it in my hands, almost as much as natural fibers. I found a wooden handle reed hook with metal blade and I cannot wait to try it out. I think it will become one of my perfect tools.

  6. I wish I could say that I have an amazing dental floss related weaving tip, but it’s really just for post-snacking emergencies. If Publisher’s Clearing House knocks on the door, I want to be ready for the camera!

  7. There is a use for dental floss!
    It’s great as a needle threader for getting yarn through the eye of a needle.
    Also, a very strong thread for sewing on buttons.

    I like Melissa’s snacking use the best.

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